Montecrypto – The Bitcoin Enigma Review

In this review we’ll take a look at what the first hour of this novel puzzle game that comes with a reward for the 1st person to complete the puzzle.

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Puzzle/First Person

Gem Rose AccentGem Rose Accent
The View Upstairs

The start of the game has quite a beautiful and intriguing design


You might want to get used to hearing that. It’s one of the many quasi-real tips you’ll be getting from goblins while running through the mazes of Montecrypto, the Bitcoin Enigma. IGN’s article caught this reviewer’s eye with the headline that seems to have given this otherwise may-have-been-looked-over indie puzzle game into a bit of a media buzz.STEAM PUZZLE GAME OFFERING 1 BITCOIN TO THE FIRST PERSON WHO CAN BEAT IT

For what amounts to the price of a lotto ticket, or a bargain priced videogame like in this instance, the possibility of real money could be had!

But how does it play? Like being trapped in an eerie but oddly non-threatening mansion.

The Maze Entrance

Like the steam award says, you may call this place Home Sweet Home for awhile. But hey, it does look pretty in an eerie horror movie kinda way!

The Objective Of The Game

Find out all of the word that make up the bitcoin wallet password

Happens Alot

The game itself is fairly fun. Montecrypto is essentially a first person puzzle, trivia, and maze solving game. The objective being to open new doors that will eventually give you the words you need to unlock the prize, the Bitcoin wallet pre-packed with 1 bitcoin! The entire experience itself can be part of the puzzle. Most doors are unlocked after typing in the answer to a riddle. Some of them open after environmental queues or by passing through fake walls, which keeps you literally guessing which way you’re going

Consider it Training
All You Need To Know

This is one of the 1st things you'll see, the basic control set of the game. How are we supposed to shoot anything?!

The biggest challenge is to finish the maze in under an hour. No doubt one of the largest points of frustration on the quest for the big prize. On a pure play-ability level, there are of course other frustrations and quirks to the game.

Be ready to hit alt-tab. The trivia itself isn’t extraordinarily challenging for the most part. It is primarily comprised of trivia that the majority of us will not know from our own recall. So have your phone handy cause you’ll be finding out the names of paintings and ocean going vessels that you never thought you’d care about. To be fair, at least the questions are challenging but general audience enough to not be too bias

Examples of some of the trivia questions below

Wait where am I?

It is partially a maze game, so it will get repetitive. That includes graphically as more than likely you will be using some of the incoherent and comical postings on the wall to help you navigate. The map feature gives you a vague idea of where you are but mostly reminds that you’re somewhere in the building still.

Probably not the way

It’s easier to get sidetracked by the funny & random things written on the wall than get stumped by one of the trivia questions locking the doors. Before things can get too boring however, you’ll get subtle reminders that your game will be over in less than hour. This element is the saving grace of what could have easily been a boring wonder-aimless-fest kind of game. Even without the bitcoin prize, finding out just how fast you have to zip through the capillary-like corridors of the mansion to win is enough to get a casual gamer coming back for replay value.

Win a Bitcoin or not, Montecrypto is still probably one of the funnest puzzle games under $5 on steam recently released.

Your Made Your Mark

What you type in your hiaku-ready picture frame apparently ends up on someone's wall.


  • Low Price
  • Challenging but fair puzzles
  • Fun atmosphere & environment


  • Controls can feel a bit crude
  • Can get repetitive


  • 1st player to finish the maze gets a bitcoin!
  • 1 Hour time limit keeps repeat attempts feeling fresh
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