Cardano To Hit Five Dollars By December?

Will Cardano Reach $5 By December?

Call it a hunch, but this editor’s guess is yes, Cardano may very well nearly double it’s value from now in less than 3 months to hit the $5 mark. 

Cardano has been positioning itself to integrate with governing bodies around the world, in particular with developing nations. For instance, in April of 2012 Cardano announced plans to work with the Ethiopian Government to digitize their country’s education sector. An innovative project looking to connect users to the internet in Zanzibar and Tanzania is also being built off of Cardano’s blockchain infrastructure. There has also reportedly been talks between the Cardano team and the El Salvadorian Government for recognition similar to Bitcoin.

Cardano Price

At the time this post is being written, the price of Cardano (ADA) is $2.87.

  • cardanoCardano$1.06-3.94%

Cardano has recently surged to become the 3rd largest over all value coin when comparing market caps. At roughly 90 billion dollars, it is still at a tenth of what Bitcoin has managed to grow at 900 Billion+ dollars. So if Cardano surges to the five dollar mark, the market cap would be a bit more than 160 Billion Dollars. This is still relatively humble next to bigger brother Bitcoin. Which makes a roughly two dollar plus surge fairly plausible when taking into consideration the large volume in trading that is bound to happen as the integration with Government projects goes into effect. Not to mention the natural price pumping that happens as fellow crypto-venturers buy-in looking to get the still relatively low price, before millions more in volume begins to flow through the Cardano network. 

Many agree that Cardano will be strong into the future. Even SlumDOGE Millionaire Glauber Contessoto is betting big that Cardano will further his quest for three commas! Being founded by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson lends a lot of credibility to the project as well. Hoskinson’s experience helping to create Ethereum has surely given him unique insight into how to do blockchain ventures even better than before. This seems fairly evident in light of how quickly Cardano is being adopted and integrated in various markets. So might be good to get more Cardano before it hits Solana prices, which ADA has the potential to do too in years to come!

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