Controversy Brings Comedy…NO MTX ZONE!

After many discussions about the ye’s and nay’s of micro-transactions with fellow Editor NightNinja, a sign was made for those instances MTX‘s are just not welcome…at anytime. For example, no one needs to play dress up with the God of War.

So we figure why not rock the tag #NOMTXZONE and a physical sign when you just don’t want to hear about loot boxes or fury-skins to pewpew in!

Playing PUBG When the 7.1 Earthquake Hit Southern California

Was in the final 10 team Shootout too...

I definitely stopped & dropped during the recent 7.1 Earthquake in Southern California, only it was my character taking cover while I figure out if I should be concerned that the world around me was shaking!

But at the same, it is hard to resist the opportunity to shoot at your opponent while the earth is rumbling around you. The earthquake added a sense of immersion considering the grenades were exploding in the game. Being a native southern Californian we are used to the ground rumbling from time to time. Which helped me to consider what an amazing occurrence the timing of it all in that synchronistic type fashion.

At about the 11 second mark is when it hit, you can see the subtle wiggle in the mouse. After that came the seemingly aimless crawling while figuring “…should I be in a door seal?”, “…is the power gonna stay on?” AND trying to avoid enemy fire!

Fortunately there was no damage in the living world from the quake, but unfortunately myself & my last teammates perished in the game at the same time. Definitely a unique gaming experience this July 5th!