Paladins Unbound Goes Bye-Bye

Apparently with the upcoming update to the free to play team based first person shooter Paladins will see yet another reworking of the in-game card system. Just introduced within the past 6 months, the unbound system, is being reset to a new formula.

Somewhat of an unpopular opinion, but the Unbound system was unique in the sense that duplicate cards were a desired outcome as duplicates would increase the level of your card. One of the complaints about the system was the possibility of the balance being thrown because a pay-to-win loop hole by purchasing more radiant chests with real-world money. The unbound cards were only applicable to the unbound mode, while competitive and classic modes had the card leveled, closer to what the system in OB67 will look like and the current competitive/classic modes.

The spirit of the changes in the developers’ words is to make the game feel less like a grind to level up your characters. HiRez also promises quicker rewards for playing than any of the past systems to date. We’ll see how it all plays out soon!


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